A crystal craftsman - Francisco Antunes - cc

Crafts in Ireland

A crystal craftsman - Francisco Antunes - cc

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Feel like a little shopping? Try your luck by discovering the best of Irish craftsmanship, world famous for its quality and finesse… An original way to discover Ireland, but also to find THE original gift to take home!

Craft Shops in Ireland…

Craft shops all over Ireland!

Craft workshops are legion in Ireland! They offer products of exceptional quality, always handmade, and coming from multiple sectors, whether it is :

  • clothing (Ireland is known for its tweed, and for its Aran wool, from which the famous Irish Sweater is made),
  • pottery (the country is fond of ceramics whatever the style!)
  • of sculptures,
  • of paintings,
  • of leather work,
  • of jewelry,
  • local breweries (Ireland is a country appreciated for its beers!)
  • of regional gastronomic delicacies,
  • of crystal tableware,
  • or musical instruments made by the best local luthiers.

These workshops are mainly located in town centres and village outskirts. The craftsmen there are friendly and do not hesitate to present their products with passion, and advise the visitor for a possible purchase. A very nice way to meet the Irish people and discover their culture and know-how…

How much does it cost?

An object made by local craftsmen will certainly cost more than an industrial product. However, the prices charged are on the whole reasonable, and sometimes negotiable with the craftsman himself.

Don’t hesitate to contact him in advance to ask for more information about his productions: it is often possible to place an order for a specific object, such as a musical instrument for example!


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