The Corrs

The Corrs

The Corrs

The Corrs are one of Ireland’s most popular bands along with U2 and the Cranberries. This family composed of 3 sisters and a brother distills a mix of pop rock and traditional Irish music. The electric guitars blend harmoniously with the tone of the tin whistle, the fiddle, or the bodrhàn. Here is the portrait of an outstanding Irish family, which has managed to make the hearts of thousands of fans around the world beat faster.

Corrs Career

Launch of a 100% family-owned group

There’s nothing like a 100% family band to arouse curiosity!

The band was formed on the impulse of Jim, the eldest of the siblings. A good musician, (guitar, piano and accordion), he was convinced of his family’s potential. So he invited his sisters (Andrea, Sharon and Caroline) to join him, and to embark on the adventure!

Very quickly, the roles are distributed:

  • Andrea Corr on vocals and tin whistle
  • Sharon Corr on violin and backing vocals
  • Caroline on percussion and backing vocals
  • Jim on guitar, piano and accordion.

The beginnings of their musical career

In the mid-90s, the band auditioned to play in an Irish film: The Commitments. They only got small roles, but their professionalism attracted the attention of David Foster on the set, who decided to become their manager.

Convinced of their talent, he took them to Malibu in the United States in 1995 to record their first album on the Atlantic Records label.

There, they gave birth to the album “Forgiven not Forgotten”, a skilful collection of songs of Irish inspiration. It is then a success.

They followed this up with a second album: “Talk on corners” in 1997 recorded in Hollywood. The success was more mitigated, without however turning to the flop.

The success is there!

Always anxious to evolve, and to ensure quality work, they recorded the following year a concert “MTV Unplugged” at Ardmore Studios near Dublin in front of a privileged audience. This was an opportunity for them to show off all their talent, without make-up or artifice. An album dedicated to this concert was released (as well as a DVD): it was a total success, and went beyond the borders of Ireland!

A few months later, they were asked to play at Lansdowne Road Stadium in front of an audience of over 40,000 people. For them, it is the consecration!

In 2000, the Corrs’ mother unfortunately died of a serious illness, and the group, very downhearted but united, decided to devote an album a little more pop than the previous ones: “In Blue”. This album was a phenomenal success, especially with Breathless and Irresistible.

Four years go by without any new features. The band gave themselves time for a break, while planning to work on a new album entitled “Borrowed Heaven”.

In 2005, they came back with an album of covers of Irish songs. Album being a true return to the Irish roots of the Corr family. This album “Home” is then entirely dedicated to traditional Irish music. The critics are favourable to them, but the album struggles to find a new audience, apart from the fans of the first hours.

From 2005 to 2009, the group decided to take a break. Andrea Corr, like Sharon Corr, however, tried to launch solo careers … But their attempts fail.

However, the band made a comeback in September 2015 with the album “White Light” and a tour ending in August 2016 in Belfast

A new album is being prepared for 2017!

The Corrs’ discography

  • Forgiven Not Forgotten – 1995
  • Talk On Corners – 1997
  • MTV Unplugged – 1999
  • In Blue – 2000
  • Best Of – 2001
  • Live in Dublin – 2002
  • Borrowed Heaven – 2004
  • Home – 2005
  • White Light – 2015

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