Cormac Mac Airt (also called “Corbmac” in Baile Chuinn Chétchathaig) was a high king of Ireland (an Ard ri Érenn) from Irish Celtic Mythology. Numerous writings have been written about his exploits, his courage and his wisdom. He reigned over Tara for more than 40 years, enforcing law and order on the island, until his bitter defeat against the King of Munster… Here’s an overview of this legendary Irish king…

Biography of Cormarc Mac Airt

A king from Irish Mythology

The life of Cormac Mac Airt is mainly mentioned in the text of the “Annals of the Four Masters” as well as in the text “Forbuis Droma Damhghaire (the Siege of Druim Damhghaire)”, which traces his expedition to the province of Munster to claim the tax (the Boroma) that the region refused to pay him. Faced with the King of Munster’s refusal to pay his due, Cormac then decided to go to war to make people regret the Munster’s recklessness.

According to the writings, it was a hard, violent battle.

The King of Munster retaliated effectively by asking for help from the Druid Mog Ruith, who, through his magic, managed to keep Cormac Mac Airt at bay.

Cormac Mac Airt died many years later, in 266, after choking on a fish bone that got stuck in his throat. This death would have been premeditated by a druid, who by his power, would have ordered the death of the king during his meal…