Copper is an American television series created by Tom Fontana (The Borgias). Broadcast for the first time in 2012, it is set in New York City in the 19th century, the era of Irish emigration to the United States. Composed of 2 seasons, its shooting was however interrupted in 2013, following audiences deemed insufficient.

Copper’s Summary

A detective series, in the heart of the Irish diaspora..

Copper offers to follow the adventures of Kevin Corcoran, a young Irish cop living in New York during the last years of the Civil War.

Living in both the popular Harlem neighborhood and chic Fifth Avenue, he and his friends try to solve local crimes with the help of a black doctor and a wealthy investor living in the city’s affluent neighborhoods. But nothing is easy for the young policeman, who must untangle the crimes while struggling with a deep and terrible secret…

Our opinion

A promising, but disappointing series

The arrival of Copper was very promising: created by Tom Fontana, a heavyweight of the genre, the series promised to reach record audiences. But the result is rather disappointing: although supported by an interesting cast, the lack of budget for the production is a hindrance to the success of Copper’s story.

With overdone and sometimes coarse decors (very pasteboard), an incoherent plot and an ultra-caricatural soundtrack, the series doesn’t seem to be able to reach the height of its ambitions.

A rather unfortunate finding, which surely precipitated the end of the series after 2 seasons, for lack of satisfactory hearings … A nice attempt in spite of everything, but which will certainly not mark the spirits!