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Colum McCann

Colum McCann - Kudosmaker - cc

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Colum McCann is an Irish journalist and writer with a passion for writing and journalism. His work, which is well known in Ireland and the United States, has won him numerous awards and prizes that only serve to salute his literary genius and his original style. Don’t hesitate to open one of his books: you’ll soon get caught up in his stories!

Biography of Colum McCann

A writer with a passion for journalism from an early age

Colum McCann was born in Dublin in 1965 into a family already passionate about literature. His father, Sean McCann, is a journalist himself, and will be able to awaken the same passion in his son from an early age.

After a brilliant schooling, Colum McCann embarked on journalism studies at St Joseph’s College in Dublin, the largest journalism school in Ireland at that time. After graduation, he joined the Evening Herald as an editor and became official correspondent for the Dublin Evening Press in the 1980s. Very quickly, the young man earned an excellent reputation in the Irish journalistic world.

McCann moves to the United States and publishes his first novel

But this is not enough for Colum McCann, who has a strong desire to travel and discover the United States. At barely 21 years old, he decides to go to the United States… by bicycle! He then travelled more than 20,000 km across the country over a period of 2 years, doing odd jobs as diverse as they were varied. It is this journey that inspired his first novel “Sisters”, which he published in 1991. It was a huge success, and his book was translated into more than 26 languages.

After this first success, Colum McCann left for Japan to discover the country, then decided to return to the United States, where he decided to settle permanently. He finds a teaching position in a New York school where he teaches the intricacies of inventive writing, and continues to publish his novels over the years.

Most of his works have all been critically acclaimed, and literary awards have continued to confirm his talent. Even today, Colum McCann continues to publish, teach, and give a few lectures dedicated to writing.


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