Colin Farrell –  Gage Skidmore - cc

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell – Gage Skidmore - cc

Colin Farrell is an Irish actor whose reputation is well established. He is even one of the most unmistakable actors in today’s Irish heritage.

Biography of Colin Farrell

A difficult childhood…

Colin James Farrell was born on 31 May 1976 in Castlenock (Caisleán Cnucha), a town 8km from Dublin, in the east of the county of the same name). Colin was the last of four children, including a brother and two sisters. He grew up sharing a common passion with his family: football (both his father and uncle were professional footballers)

For a long time, he considered a career in the sport. His adolescence was, like that of many other Irish people of the same age, a rather difficult period. He was divorced from his parents as a child and had difficulties at school and was expelled several times. (Colin fought constantly, smoked and drank).

He didn’t escape the drug scene by taking ecstasy.

A new beginning

In 1993, at the age of 17, he moved to Sydney to do a year’s modelling before turning to acting. He then returned to his native country, Dublin, where he did a few photo shoots, a few castings, country dance… and finally joined the prestigious Gaiety Drama School, which he left prematurely after 6 months. This did not prevent him from starting his career little by little thanks to a few small appearances in TV series such as Ballykissangel, Falling for a Dancer, Love in the 21st Century between 1996 and 1997. Then, always in constant evolution, he played in 1999 in The War Zone, Tim Roth’s first feature film.

Also note: Colin tried his luck to join the Boyzone band when he was formed, but to no avail.

Arrival on the Big Screen

Colin finally gets lucky when he is asked to play a small part in the film Ordinary Decent Criminal alongside Kevin Spacey, who spotted him while attending a play in London (Little World of Our Own) in which Colin played an autistic child. After that, one thing led to another. He made a casting video for Tigerland in 2001 and won the role of Private Bozz. This earned him the B.C.F.S. (Boston Critics Film Society) award for Best Actor.

He went to Los Angeles and made a string of hit movies. Among them..:

  • 2001: American Outlaws by Les Mayfield
  • 2002: Phone Game by Joel Schumacher
  • 2002: Minority Report by Steven Spielberg
  • 2002: Gregory Hoblit’s Escape Mission
  • 2003: Roger Donaldson’s Rookie
  • 2003: Daredevil by Mark Steven Johnson
  • 2003: Veronica Guerin by Joel Schumacher
  • 2003: S.W.A.T. Elite Unit of Clark Johnson
  • 2003: John Crowley Intermission
  • 2004: Michael Mayer’s House at the End of the World
  • 2004: Alexandre de Oliver Stone
  • 2005: The New World of Terrence Malick
  • 2006: Ask the Dust by Robert Towne
  • 2006: Miami Vice of Michael Mann
  • 2007: Woody Allen’s Dream of Cassandra
  • 2008: Gavin O’Connor’s Pride and Glory..

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