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Christy Moore

Christy Moore

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Christy Moore is an Irish folk singer and guitarist. Founder of the Planxty band, he was one of the great musicians of this country to revive traditional Irish music, and to spread it beyond the Irish borders.

Biography of Christy Moore

A good Irish guy from over there!

Christy Moore was born on May 7, 1945 in Newbridge (Co. Kildare) into a very Catholic family. Since he was 6 years old, the age at which he got his first guitar, Christy Moore has won a county medal for his Gaelic and is noted for the quality of his guitar solos in the choir.

After a musical childhood deeply marked by Irish music, Christy Moore began her real singing career in 1965, when she performed at the Tallaght organised by Mick McCarthy.

In 1966 he migrated across the UK doing odd jobs and performed at the Wellgreen Folk Club in Manchester on 4 May 1967 for his first professional gig for which he had developed his repertoire.

On May 6th he went to The Bury Folk Club. 1968 marked his return to Ireland. He appeared on Radio Eireann in the lobby of O’Connel Srtreet. His success in the United Kingdom has made him a big hit, and bookers in Dublin are opening the doors of the Gigs to him more and more.

After many years of hard work, he managed to record his first album “Paddy On The Road” with Sound Techniques in Chelsea. He absolutely wanted to record on the Transatlantic label, which was the lesser evil. For the end of the 60s, Moore focused on Dublin. His influences in the 70’s are more British in origin Sweeney’s Men, Moynihan and Irvine, Mick Moloney, this is what will be reflected in his next albums. He wanted revenge for his failure with Transatlantic and he went back to Bill Leader (from Labels Trailer and Leader) and offered him to release an album “Prosperous” featuring songs sung with artists such as Donal Lunny, Andy Irvine and Liam O’Flynn. This group was temporarily called CLAD but it was not going to last.

Thus the Planxty were born in 1972. In the two years that followed the band released 3 albums “Planxty”, “The Well Below The Valley” and “Cold Blow The Rainy Night”.

Then Donal stepped out of the row in 1974, which Moore did a year later to find himself again as a soloist.

In 1977 he went on a trip to Bremen, Germany, for him it was a bit like crossing the desert. In 1978 Moore paid a visit to the infamous Long Kesh prison. Then the Planty’s are reborn from their ashes and integrate a new one: Matt Molloy. They release an occasional album “After The Break”.

January 1979 marks the beginning of the band’s biggest tour. It will end on June 11th at the Dublin Stadium after having crossed 8 countries in 54 concerts. But our “little” Christy is an eternal dissatisfied (nobody is perfect). The concerts went very well, there were very good moments, they did as it seems the full of fans and “money”… But the organization of such a tour vaccinated him and our Folk-Man goes back on his own. I From these statements, Christy Moore will deduce that he is not then made for bands.

The following years were very productive and a bit “crazy”. In 1980, however, he went on another trip with his former colleagues to Italy, among other places. In 1981 he filled out his health book more than his dance card! Dental problems, throat surgery. Finally he is still in demand for jigs and performs once again with the Planxty at The Seven Oaks. In 1982, he was playing solo and with the Planxty. He worked a lot in the studio with Mattie Fox who later managed him. In 1987 he released “Ride On” on which he performed the popular song “Viva la Quinta Brigada” which glorified the Irish who were involved in the Spanish Civil War.

“Smoke And Strong Whiskey” will be his first album of the 90’s, not to be confused with the “Smoke And Strong Whiskey” which will be released at the same time (via his old label) but which will be in fact a compilation of his old hits, which will surely disarrange some of them even if he admits himself that this compilation is not bad!

Between the albums “King Puck” and “Live At The Point” he lost his wife Nancy in 1992.

The album “Live At The Point” was a real nightmare for its realization. It was like a monk in Ballyvourney that “Graffiti Tongue”, a very good album, was born. After a relative calm of 3 years and a quarrel with his record company, More and Leo Pearson recorded “Travellers” together. Then he recorded with Young Lunny and in 1995 Bono and The Edge joined him to record “North and South of the River” at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin. The song, produced by Steve Lillywhite, is distributed in Ireland only. It was released in 1997 on the B-side of the single Staring at the Sun, the second single from U2’s Pop.

Christy Moore is at his best with the public when he releases “One voice”. At that time, he was travelling a lot in London. With Decky he took part in a big gig on Wednesday 30 August 2000. He then recorded “This is the Day” in Kilkenny in January 2001. “Live At Vicar Street” is his latest album project.

His Discography

  • Paddy On The Road (1969)
  • Prosperous (1970)
  • Whatever Tickles Your Fancy (1975)
  • Christy Moore (1976)
  • The Iron Behind The Velvet (1978)
  • Live In Dublin (1978)
  • H Block (1978)
  • The Time Has Come (1983)
  • Ride On (1984)
  • Ordinary Man (1985)
  • The Spirit of Freedom (1986)
  • Unfinished Revolution (1987)
  • Travel (1989)
  • Smoke and Strong Whiskey (1991)
  • King Puck (1993)
  • Live At The Point (1994)
  • Graffiti Tongue (1996)
  • Traveller (1999)
  • This is the Day (2001)
  • Live At Vicar Street (2002)
  • Burning Times(2005)


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