Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman - Lili Forberg - cc
Celtic Woman - Lili Forberg - cc

Celtic Woman is an Irish Celtic music band composed of 3 singers, a violinist and a composer. Founded in 2004, this band has since then known an exceptional craze throughout the world because of its songs with Irish sounds…

History of Celtic Woman

A collective of singers, decided to pay tribute to Ireland

It all began in 2004, when David Downes, an Irish composer, decided to compose for a collective of singers already present on international stages. He then contacted Lisa Kelly, Chloë Agnew, and Lisa Lambe, to whom he added the violinist Mairead Nesbitt.

He then decided to compose music imbued with Irish sounds, supported by the soft and powerful voices of these singers.

It is then success, and the group gives lives which quickly take the appearance of big shows, with orchestra, and choreographies which compete directly with the mythical Riverdance and other representations of the genre.

With more than 4 albums to their credit, the Celtic Woman still have a lot of good years ahead of them!


  • A Christmas Celebration
  • Celtic Woman – New Age
  • Celtic Woman – A New Journey
  • Songs From the Heart.

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