Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Temple Bar on St. Patrick's Day
Temple Bar on St. Patrick's Day

The ultimate dream of many travellers is to go to Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Although the whole world now celebrates this 100% Irish festival, it is clear that a St. Patrick’s Day always remains a bit bland far from the Irish borders… So why not schedule your Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland this year? It doesn’t matter if you are Irish or not. Irish people enjoy the company of foreigners, and you will be welcome to take part in the events! A festive St. Patrick’s Day like you’ve never celebrated before… how about it?

Discover the Irish way of celebrating!

Saint Patrick’s Day: where to celebrate it in Ireland?

Temple Bar on St. Patrick's Day

Temple Bar on St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17, all of Ireland celebrates St. Patrick’s Day! The whole country is in turmoil, and it will be hard to escape such an event if you are ever in the area!

But let’s face it, there’s nothing like the big Irish cities to spend Paddy’s Day in the best possible conditions.

With Dublin in the lead of course! It must be said that the Irish capital remains “The place to be” to spend Saint Patrick’s Day! First of all because its parade (known as the “Grand Parade”) is legendary. Thousands of intermittents of the show then parade in the streets, on gigantic floats with fairy colors! Pipe bands (bagpipers) are also part of the show, as are numerous dancers and other actors ready to set the crowd on fire!

But also because there is Temple Bar… This mythical district of Dublin is really worth a visit on Saint Patrick’s Day! The atmosphere is overwhelming, pints of Irish beers are being emptied to the rhythm of traditional Irish music jigs, and the Irish are competing in inventiveness to celebrate the event! (Beware of agoraphobes: the neighbourhood is generally crowded right up to the streets, and it can be difficult to walk around!

If you like the crowds a little less, then we recommend other festive cities, such as Galway or Cork. Again, it’s all about excess, but not as much as in Dublin.

What can you expect?

Beer, music, dance, and Irish folklore of course! St. Patrick’s Day is above all a moment of sharing and exchange, when the Irish proclaim loud and clear their pride in being Irish. It is also a way of remembering how the country became Catholic, thanks to St Patrick’s evangelization work in the 5th century.

This is why March 17th is an opportunity for Ireland to revisit its History, but also its myths and legends, as well as its folklore!

Thus, you will come across many Irish people dressed in green, disguised as leprechauns, Vikings, or waving flags… On Saint Patrick’s Day, you don’t take yourself seriously, and that’s what makes the charm of the festival!

As for drinks, you can of course expect a flood of Irish beer. It must be said that the Irish have a good descent, and of course, we recommend moderation!

How to prepare your Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland?

Anticipate as much as possible!

Saint Patrick’s Day is without a doubt “THE MOST EARLY-awaited MOMENT” of the year! Thousands of travellers decide, just like you, to go and celebrate the event with great pomp and circumstance on Irish soil.
But here’s the thing: this record attendance usually drives up prices, both for a plane ticket and for accommodation on site.

There is no miracle solution: only anticipation will allow you to book your transport and hotel without ruining yourself too much. The more you book in advance, the cheaper the rates will be.

Therefore, we recommend that you take an interest in organizing your trip around October for the month of March.

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