Celebrating Halloween in Ireland

A Halloween pumpkin - © Sonja Birkelbach
A Halloween pumpkin - © Sonja Birkelbach

Halloween’s coming up! And Ireland is planning to celebrate! It must be said that this holiday has Irish origins, and was once known by another, more Gaelic name: the Samain!

Celebrate the Samain in Irish Lands

A whole program of festivities!


On this occasion, the country always organizes many festivals, and implements beautiful traditions! Here is what not to be missed!

  • The Bram Stoker Festival: if you like vampire stories, and Bram Stoker’s famous novel “Dracula”, then this festival is for you! Held in Dublin, this festival is all about thrills and chills, with thrilling horror film screenings, concerts, and uplifting food experiences!
  • Colcannon: this is a typical Irish dish, eaten on Halloween. Tradition has it that a coin is hidden in the mashed potato: whoever finds it on their plate afterwards will be lucky for the next few days!
  • The Barm Brack is one of the other Irish Halloween culinary specialties. It is a kind of cake filled with raisins. Very simple to make, it is advisable to respect a tradition before serving it: a ring and a penny are hidden in the dough, a little like the bean of a galette des rois.

Finally, don’t be surprised if you come across many parades and parades in the streets! Even the children dress up and go door-to-door asking for candy!