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Cara Dillon is an Irish artist born in 1975 in Dugiven (Derry), Ireland. Very active on the Irish scene, Cara Dillon delivers Irish ballads as light as they are relaxing. A real pleasure for the ears, who love to discover the current Irish music!

Cara Dillon’s career

A voice straight out of the Irish countryside

She was first spotted for her beautiful and unique voice when she won the “All Ireland Traditional Singing trophy” when she was only 14 years old.

One year later, she joins her first band : “Oige” that she forms with her high school friends. This group had a modest success, and allowed her to collaborate with great artists such as De Dannan who had spotted her during their small tours during the school holidays. Phil Coulter then asked to sing with De Dannan and tour with him throughout Europe for a short while when she was only 15 years old. It was not until the age of 17 that she was asked to sing with him permanently.

In 1995, at the age of 19, Cara joined the folk group “Equation” and signed with the label Blanco y Negro (WEA) to replace Kate Rusby. She spent a year touring and recording with them and left the group with another member: Sam Lakeman (her husband) to sign again with Blanco, making a duo career. This was followed by a long and frustrating period where they wrote and recorded songs that obviously didn’t have the success they had hoped for. After six years of working with their label, they broke away from it to do everything “à leur sauce” by composing their songs and covering certain traditional classics.

They released Cara Dillon’s debut album entitled “Cara Dillon” in 2001 which was very well received by the critics. Sam is the producer and plays the piano (omnipresent on the whole album). This album won them several awards (2 BBC radio awards and one from Hotpress).

When they came back, they started work on their second album: “Sweet liberty” which was released in 2003. This album contains among a lot of high quality songs, 5 unreleased Dillon/Lakeman songs as well as a song dealing with the political problem in Northern Ireland: “There were roses”, one of the most moving songs of this album. This cover also earned the composer a BBC radio2 award for best original song.

Finally in 2006 Cara Dillon’s 3rd album “After the morning” was released.

Once again a real success that did not disappoint anyone given the fidelity of Cara Dillon’s style. This album confirms the whole experience of the Dillon/Lakeman couple.


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