Brigid's cross - amandabhslater - cc

Brigid’s cross

Brigid's cross - amandabhslater - cc

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The Brigid’s cross is an Irish religious symbol, consisting of a cross braided out of rushes. Although it is less and less used, it is mainly found in rural areas: according to the Catholics, it would protect houses from fires and bad spells…

Brigid’s cross

A cross made of rushes, made since the 17th century

Cross of Saint Brigitte - amandabhslater - cc

Cross of Saint Brigitte – amandabhslater – cc

Brigid’s cross, finds its origins in the 17th century. It then refers to Saint Brigid’s, one of the Patron Saints of the Irish, known for having founded in the 5th century the first mixed convents (composed of monks and nuns).

Traditionally, these crosses are made on the 1st of February each year, the official day of Saint Brigitte in Ireland.

For the curious, you should know that the Brigid’s cross are often sold in tourist shops: for less than 5€, you can then bring back a cross made of rush, which may protect your house!


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