Andrea Corr

Andrea Corr - Tibor Pallerman - cc
Andrea Corr - Tibor Pallerman - cc

She’s beautiful, popular and talented… Andrea Corr is one of Ireland’s most famous celebrities! This Irish singer is indeed the leader of the Irish band “The Corrs”, a group formed in the 1990s, still active today. Portrait of this young woman with a strong character!

Biography of Andrea Corr

An artist with a passion for music and singing

Andrea Jane Corr, was born on 17 May 1974 in Dundalk (County Louth) in the Republic of Ireland. From musical parents, she grew up with two sisters (Caroline, born in 1973 and Sharon, born in 1970) and one brother (Jim, born in 1964). She is then the youngest of the family. Her parents, very attached to music, did not stop passing on their passion to their children, who very quickly seemed to prove to be excellent musicians.

Like her brother and sisters, Andrea learned to play the piano at a very early age and was keen to learn the tin whistle, a typically Irish flute. The young girl also enjoys singing and has excellent school results.

Passionate about music, the Irish siblings decided to form a family band in the 1990s. Andrea Corr is in charge of writing the lyrics, singing and the tin whistle. She then went through several castings with the band and very quickly, it was a success. The public seems to appreciate the story of this 100% family band, and is enthusiastic about their pop-rock tunes.

Songs like “Runaway”, “Only when I sleep” literally took off in the charts and the band became a worldwide success.

Tours and album releases followed one another until 2006, when the band decided to take a break.

It was the occasion for Andrea Corr to record a first solo album entitled “Ten Feet High”, produced by Nellee Hooper and Bono, the singer of the band U2. But the album lacks promotion. However, it managed to make it into the Top 100 in Germany, Ireland, the UK and Switzerland. As for France, the album made a particularly discreet entry in its first week of release, and left the Top 100 the following week. A small flop that does not discourage her for all that.

Indeed, she will be releasing a 2nd album entitled “Lifelines” on 6 June 2011. This album is made up of covers of songs that have been important in her life.

The years passed and the band decided to re-form in 2015. Since then, the Corrs have continued touring and releasing new albums.

On the private side, Andrea went out with Shaun Evans, a British actor, but the couple split up in 2006.

Since the beginning of 2007, Andrea has been sharing her life with Brett Desmond, the son of Irish millionaire Dermot Desmond, the main shareholder of Celtic Glasgow football club. Brett and Andrea became engaged on 25 December 2008 and married on 21 August 2009. She has since had two children with her partner.

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