1916, Seachtar na Casca

1916, Seachtar na Casca

1916, Seachtar na Casca

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If you want to dive into the heart of Irish history, and go back on the traces of the Easter rising, then “1916, Seachtar na Casca” is the series for you! This docu-drama, filmed in 2013 to better commemorate the upcoming centenary of the 1916 Rebellion, will allow a better understanding of contemporary Irish history…

1916 Summary, Seachtar na Casca

A realistic series with a historical vocation!

Irish history has often been tumultuous, and the terrible Easter rising of 1916 was one of them. This is why the series “1916, Seachtar na Casca” has taken the approach of retracing the true story of the uprising, with the help of historical documents and realistic reconstructions.

You will thus discover the history of the leaders of the movement, firmly determined to seize the strategic points of Dublin to overthrow the British and thus proclaim the Republic of Ireland. You will discover the role of Thomas J. Clarke, Patrick Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh, Joseph Plunkett, Eamonn Ceannt, Sean Mac Diarmada and James Connolly, from their profound commitments to their summary execution following the failure of the uprising.

The whole is carefully commented by historians, to shed additional light on the event, and thus decipher the smallest details of this historical episode. Acclaimed by the critics, the series was awarded the prestigious Irish Film and Television Award, a well-deserved reward. Realistic and very well filmed, the series has the merit of shedding light on Irish history, the British-Irish conflict, as well as the role played by each leader in the Insurrection.

Note that “1916, Seachtar na Casca” is available on DVD, in a Gaelic version but also in English. The French dubbing will have to wait for it..


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