Covid-19 : Ryanair closes 2 bases in Ireland

Irish airline to suspend flights from Cork and Shannon due to a significant drop in activity
15 October 2020
Ryanair - Denmen Aviation Photography - cc
Ryanair - Denmen Aviation Photography - cc

Bad weather for Ryanair: faced with a significant drop in business, the low-cost airline has just decided to withdraw from Cork and Shannon airports for the winter. As a reminder, the company had repeatedly threatened the government to leave the Irish airports. Its CEO, Michael O’Leary, had indeed strongly criticized the anti-covid-19 policy introduced by the State. For him, the principle of quarantine sounded the death knell for the airlines: a measure deemed useless, whereas other strategies could have been implemented (such as pre-boarding tests and temperature taking), without impacting the economy of air transport.

Ryanair persists and signs, and withdraws from 2 Irish airports
An economic choice above all

As anti-covid-19 restrictions are tightening across Ireland and Europe, Ryanair no longer has a choice. With its planes running almost empty, its CEO Michael O’Leary has had to make the decision to make budget cuts… And the first victims are the least profitable air bases.

Thus, Ryanair will leave Cork airport but also Shannon airport. But that’s not all: airports in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Vienna are also affected.

This suspension of activity could have a significant impact on any desire to travel within Europe this winter. The airlines, for their part, are trying to hold firm, hoping for a way out of the crisis as quickly as possible.

Faced with this decision, the Irish government has recalled that the current times require a collective effort, for the good of all, and that the protection of the Irish population as a whole takes precedence over everything else. A perfectly legitimate position, but one that could cause the giants of air transport to waver.


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