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Covid-19: Ireland postpones reopening of indoor reception in Irish pubs and restaurants

Date 29 June 2021
It will not be possible to eat and drink in the room for the moment

Setback for Ireland. The progress of the Delta variant has just forced the Irish government to review its copy on the lifting of restrictions. As a consequence, restaurants and pubs in the country will not be able to allow indoor hospitality at the start of the season on July 5. However, it will still be possible to eat or drink outside on the terrace, if the establishments are equipped with them.

Ireland slows down the lifting of its restrictions
The restaurant sector and Irish pubs directly affected

The NPHET (the Irish public health institute) is formal. For them, the Delta variant may present a risk of resumption of the epidemic. Also, the Taoiseach Michel Martin has been forced to put a slight brake on his roadmap.

A brake that will prevent restaurants and Irish pubs to fill their rooms… And that will force them to focus on outdoor hospitality, with spaced tables and reinforced sanitary measures.

The Irish Prime Minister added that the vaccination campaign should be intensified rapidly on the territory.

This announcement is likely to displease the hotel and restaurant industry, which has been in the early stages of recovery for some time now.

Martin acknowledged that there would be anger and frustration from business owners with the new announcement, but insisted that reopening as planned would threaten the progress made so far.

The Taoiseach called for “vigilance and patience” and told business owners that supports would be made available.

He also confirmed that international travel to Ireland would resume as of July 19, provided a valid health pass is presented.


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