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An irish pub - Irish Jaunt - cc

COVID-19: Ireland postpones Phase 4 and delays the opening of its irish pubs

Date 16 July 2020
Ireland is concerned about the increase of coronavirus cases in its territory

Stupefaction in Ireland. The Irish government has just spoken out and its decision is final: the situation linked to the coronavirus has forced it to postpone phase 4, which provided for the reopening of all Irish pubs in the country. A situation which forces them to postpone their reopening until 10 August. A choice that sounded like a sledgehammer blow to the country’s pub owners.

The government plays it safe

A resurgence of cases of COVID-19 on the Irish island delays phase 4

Ireland was scheduled to enter Stage 4 from Monday 20 July. This was a long-awaited date, which promised that Irish pubs without catering services would reopen their doors to the general public.

But it will have to wait: the country has seen an increase in the number of coronavirus cases on the island. This is a worrying situation for the government, which once again prefers to play for time and avoid reopening pubs too soon.

A decision that has caused an outcry in his country. Because for many establishments, closed since March, a possible reopening set for August 10 is unthinkable.

The VFI Federation, which represents the Irish pubs, described the government’s decision as “shocking”. For them, this choice will have enormous repercussions on the country’s family irish pubs.

They believe that many of the establishments are at risk of bankruptcy. Real dramas, which they said could be limited if every irish pub played the health safety game.

Nevertheless, Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Micheal Martin has said that he would be uncompromising on health safety:

“The R number, which we have all become familiar with has now risen above one in this country. And the international situation with almost a million and a half cases reported in just the last week, represents a growing worry.

For the politician, therefore, taking undue risks is out of the question. So the managers of the Irish pubs will have to wait… and keep their fingers crossed.

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