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Covid-19: Ireland postpones lifting its quarantine

Date 06 July 2020
Back-pedalling: the government gives itself until July 20 to decide as tourism suffers more and more cancellations

Tourism in Ireland is on the up and up. After the government announced that it would lift its quarantine imposed on 9 July, L’État has decided to play extra time. Their statement: Ireland needs time to consolidate its strategy… and fears a possible second wave that could be caused by the massive arrival of European travellers. In fact, Ireland intends to make a statement by 20 July on the issue, once again plunging foreign travellers into total uncertainty.

Government remains silent on reopening to travel

The Irish themselves called upon not to leave their island this summer…

Excessive caution or reasoned analysis of the situation? Ireland seems to be struggling to make a clear decision on its strategy for opening up to travel. And the Irish, European travellers and the tourism sector are paying the price.

So, everyone is in the dark: will it be possible to travel to Ireland this summer? Will the Irish be able to fly to European destinations? These are all questions that the government refuses to answer clearly.

And there are divided positions on the subject in Ireland.

Many Irish doctors are riding the wave of doubt, caution and fear. Their statements are all over the media:

We advise the Irish people not to travel to Europe this summer for the holidays. Avoid non-essential travel, and preserve your health, and that of the country. Everyone must act responsibly to avoid a second wave.

Messages that add to the fear of welcoming foreign travellers to Ireland. It must be said that the first figures speak for themselves: some cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in Ireland following the arrival of American, Swedish and German travellers. Admittedly, these are very few cases (all of which have been identified, controlled and isolated), but they do bring a little more confusion to the government when it comes to making an official decision.

It must be admitted that the issue is a thorny one: the government seems torn by the desire to revive its economy, which is currently suffering, and the desire to barricade the country from a second wave.

A choice without half measures… where the State seems to refuse to make the big difference between these 2 alternatives.

On the side of the actors of tourism, airlines, tourist sites and hotels are becoming more and more pressing:

It’s urgent to make a decision, to have a deadline. This silence is slowly killing us!

A complicated situation, which threatens thousands of jobs, and which is already plunging Ireland into an economic recession never seen before in its history.

So all we have to do is wait. Response by 20 July 2020… if all goes well.


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