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Covid-19: Ireland partially reconfines and postpones the reopening of its irish pubs

Date 09 August 2020
Government steps up measures in response to 14-day surge in cases

Ireland recorded an outbreak of coronavirus cases, leading it to reconfine 3 of its counties. As a result, all Irish people living within the counties of Kildare, Laois and Offaly are being forced to remain confined to their homes. This decision affects more than 368,000 people in total.

Partial reconfinement to stem the tide of Covid-19 cases

The inhabitants concerned, invited not to leave the region

The lull was short-lived. While Ireland appeared to be in full control of the coronavirus epidemic, 3 regions of the country are now calling into question the country’s stability in terms of health crisis. With more than 226 new cases registered in just 14 days, the Irish government, led by Micheàl Martin, has taken the decision to “lock in” 3 of its worst affected counties. The instructions for their inhabitants are clear:

  • Residents are not allowed to leave their respective counties.
  • Exits are allowed for essential work and travel.
  • they cannot receive more than 6 people in their homes.
  • gatherings of more than 15 people are forbidden.

Instructions which should last at least 2 weeks, and which could be extended according to the evolution of the health crisis.

Faced with the epidemic, the government is postponing the date for the reopening of irish pubs.

Faced with the situation, the Irish government has also indicated that it will postpone the final phase of its deconfinement. Scheduled for 10 August, it planned to reopen all the country’s Irish pubs, bars and hotels.

But this long-awaited date will have to be postponed. Micheàl Martin, the Irish Prime Minister said:

Even if the numbers remain low, we must keep up the pressure on this virus. As a result, pubs, bars, hotels, nightclubs and casinos will remain closed.

This decision is intended to be preventive, but is increasingly threatening the economic survival of the establishments in question.

However, the situation should be reassessed within 3 weeks.

In the meantime, the decision has been taken to make the wearing of masks compulsory throughout Ireland, in shops and shopping centres. This obligation will apply from 10 August.

As for the famous “Green List”, Ireland has taken the decision to remove Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta, Monaco and San Marino from the countries authorised to travel to Ireland without quarantine. This is a further blow to tourism in Ireland, which is increasingly weakened by the crisis.

As a reminder, it has been several days since no deaths have been recorded in Ireland as a result of VIDOC-19. Nevertheless, the Irish authorities are concerned about a resurgence of cases, particularly among young people.

At present, Ireland has 1,772 deaths and 26,253 positive cases per 4.9 million inhabitants.

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