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Covid-19 : Ireland organizes its return to normal life

Date 06 September 2021
The country is gradually lifting restrictions

Soon a return to normal life in Ireland? While the country is now mostly vaccinated, the government is currently lifting many measures, with the aim of returning to the pre-pandemic period. Taoiseach Micheál Martin announced last week that the vast majority of anti-Covid-19 restrictions would be relaxed as of October 22.

However, a set of rules are already in the process of being lifted, starting this Monday, September 6. This is enough to make the Irish feel good again!

What changes on September 6, 2021

Newly authorized concerts, even indoors!

As of today, live music is back in Ireland! Concerts will be back to normal and crowds will be allowed into the venues again! Concert halls will be able to use up to 60% of their capacity, provided that participants are fully vaccinated or have recovered from the virus within the last six months. (presentation of the health pass is mandatory).

In the event of a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated participants, venues will be limited to only 50 people per indoor event.

In any case, the mask will be mandatory, whether you are vaccinated or not. The barrier gestures will be kept regardless of the situation!

For the Irish pubs: the concerts on the spot will be also authorized. This will allow these establishments to come back to life, as before… and allow everyone to enjoy the joys of traditional Irish music!

Other relaxations in effect

The music sector is not the only one to have had good news today. The government has relaxed rules concerning

  • religious ceremonies
  • cinema and theaters: allowed to operate at 60% of their capacity
  • bus and coach services: allowed to operate at 75% capacity

New flexibilities set for September 20

In a fortnight’s time, Ireland will begin a new phase in its return to normalcy program. The working population will have to start a gradual return to offices and other work spaces. Bye bye telecommuting: it will be time to get back to the office and get back to a normal rhythm!

Finally, indoor group activities such as sports or dancing will be allowed with a maximum of 100 people… provided that they are all fully vaccinated.

As for outdoor activities, they should be almost all authorized by then!


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