Covid-19: Ireland now has Europe’s worst contagion rate

Contamination figures explode: Ireland surpasses the United States and Great Britain
11 January 2021
Protective masks against Covid-19 - Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash
Protective masks against Covid-19 - Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

It is a very dark month of January that Ireland is about to experience. While the country had previously boasted of having brought the coronavirus outbreak under control, the numbers are now soaring, with more than 45,000 new cases of Covid-19 registered last week. This is a worrying situation, which makes Ireland the country with the worst contagion rate in Europe.

Contamination rate explodes in Ireland

Hospitals exposed to unprecedented strain

According to figures published by John Hopkins University and the scientific publication Our World Data from Oxford University, the virus is spreading at a faster rate in Ireland than in any other European country.

The figures speak for themselves: Ireland would register an average of 1,267 cases per million inhabitants (over 7 days). A record figure, which shows that the disease would spread at a faster rate in Ireland than in the United States (which is at 734.9 per million inhabitants)!

For your information, the Czech Republic is on the second step of the ranking, with an infection rate of 1164 cases per million. The United Kingdom, for its part, would be on the third step of the podium with a rate of 881.3.

This situation is no doubt explained by the festive season and the weariness of the Irish, already boosted by several months of intense restrictions. In addition, more than 54,000 people are reported to have flown to Ireland for Christmas, despite government warnings urging people to refrain from traveling?

As a result, Ireland’s health care system and its hospitals are facing widespread pressure. On the spot, there are countless hours of waiting before being taken care of. Some even use ambulances as patient triage stations.

Now, the Department of Health in Ireland has been able to reach an agreement with private hospitals so that the latter can take over emergency care not covered by Covid-19.

This will allow public hospitals to focus massively on the epidemic, and delegate the management of ancillary care to private hospitals.

In any case, the government is placing all its hopes on the side of vaccination and strict containment. It hopes to contain the spread of the virus as soon as possible, and to return to more reasonable figures within the next 6 weeks…


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