Covid-19 in Ireland: new lock-out for 6 weeks

The country hopes to contain the epidemic and return to calm before Christmas.
20 October 2020
Molly Malone in Dublin is also masked - Cityswift - cc
Molly Malone in Dublin is also masked - Cityswift - cc

Ireland is the first country in Europe to choose reconfinement in the face of the second wave of Covid-19. A containment which will come into force on Wednesday at midnight, and which will extend over 6 weeks. A new economic apnea, which should make it possible according to the Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin to win the fight against the virus.

Ireland reconfines itself, facing the second wave of coronavirus

Government sets new restrictions to better contain contamination

This is a blow to the Irish: the government has made the difficult decision to return to a period of confinement.

Everyone in the country is being asked to stay home,” said Micheal Martin.

However, there will be some exceptions to this confinement. Among them :

only those with a job deemed essential will be allowed to work, with permission to travel,
only restaurants offering take-out food will be allowed to stay open.
Schools and crèches will still be open and will be able to welcome children, as the Prime Minister refuses to cut Irish youth from learning and education, even in times of pandemic.

As for the confined Irish, they will only be allowed to leave their homes for food supplies or essential necessities. They will be allowed to jog or exercise within a maximum of 5 kilometers of their homes.

Fines may be imposed for misconduct and other transgressions related to these new rules.

The Irish Prime Minister has acknowledged that these restrictions are the strictest in Europe. However, the government justified its action:

Further action is needed now. If we work together over the next six weeks, we will have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas properly.

The death toll to date from the coronavirus pandemic in Ireland is at least 1852. However, with the number of infections per day currently on the rise, Ireland has opted for reconfinement to relieve its already stressed medical staff and to protect the population as best as possible. Six weeks to spend at home, to unite in a collective effort: Ireland is playing it safe, with the prospect of Christmas. A decision rather well received by the Irish, who are very attached to the Irish fighting spirit!


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