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Covid-19 in Ireland: green list not published today

Date 20 July 2020
The government intends to clarify the situation during the course of the week.

The Irish Government was due to publish today a green list of European countries that could link Ireland without quarantine. Unfortunately, however, this list will not be published today. Although the reasons for the delay are not known, this further delay in the decision is likely to increase the frustration of potential European tourists. Should they keep their planned stay this summer? Should they cancel it?

These are all questions that remain unanswered because of the continued silence of the Irish Government.

The meeting of the Government Cabinet has reportedly been postponed.

Anger is growing among European travellers but also among the Irish.

The announcement was eagerly awaited today: the green list had the potential to boost Irish tourist activity and bring thousands of European travellers back on holiday.

But the government cabinet meeting to finalise the green list was finally delayed without further explanation. As a result, travellers are still in the dark as to whether they will be able to travel to Ireland this summer without undergoing forced quarantine.

This situation affects not only European travellers, but also many Irish people, who were hoping to spend a holiday in a European country this summer. For them, the situation is also complicated: a trip to a foreign country could, according to the green list, also involve quarantine on their return to Irish soil. A tricky situation.

For the time being, no specific date has been set for making the green list known. However, it is expected to be unveiled later this week.

These inaccuracies and breaches of timetables are currently raising tensions within the country, but also in the rest of Europe. Although the Irish government cannot be criticised for being cautious, many people are noticing its inability to speak out transparently on the issue of the current health crisis. And it is not just travel outside the country that is at issue: many Irish pubs are still closed in Ireland, for example… without the owners of the establishments being aware of an official reopening date. The same goes for discos, and some public places… which fear they will go bankrupt in the coming weeks.


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