Covid-19: Dublin and Limerick soon locked?

The government is considering localized locks across the country.
September 10, 2020
O'Conneel Street, Dublin - Sean MacEntee - cc
O'Conneel Street, Dublin - Sean MacEntee - cc

The significant increase in coronavirus cases could lead to Limerick and Dublin, Ireland, being contained. Localized lockdowns that could perhaps spread to the counties themselves. Nevertheless, the decision will be taken by the government by Friday .

The Irish government considers localized lockdown very likely

Dublin and Limerick under threat of reconfinement

In Ireland, the rate of coronavirus reproduction is getting out of control. And it is in Dublin and Limerick that the contagion is proving to be the strongest. Faced with this situation, the Irish government intends to consider all options to regain control of the epidemic… and does not rule out localized containment.

Thus, the 2 Irish cities could well undergo new restrictions … Closure of schools, nurseries and day-care centers… Ban on non-essential travel… Telework encouraged…

Here are the broad outlines to which the Irish capital, and the city of Limerick could be exposed.

In order to decide, several meetings should be held this day. Irish scientists and politicians should be able to decide on the best strategy to contain the virus.

In Dublin and Limerick, the population remains concerned. Everybody is waiting impatiently for Friday, in order to know their fate over the next few weeks.

As a reminder, the new cases of Covid-19 reached the figure of 307 yesterday, of which more than half were located in Dublin. These figures are much lower than those recorded in France, Spain or Italy… but Ireland is worried about this upsurge, and intends to contain it as soon as possible.

A matter to be followed very closely, and which could well have a strong impact on the daily lives of Dubliners and Limerick residents for the next few days… Unless the 2 entire counties are locked down for a better control of the situation.


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