Belfast's irish pub Hatfield House delivers its pints at home.

COVID-19: Belfast irish pub delivers pints of Guinness at home during lockdown!

Date 13 April 2020
The establishment has converted a truck into a mobile beer-shooter!

Nothing can stop a thirsty Irishman! Proof of this is the amazing story of Hatfield House, an Irish pub in Belfast, which, rather than lowering the curtain in times of confinement, had the idea of serving and delivering its fresh pints of Guinness… at home!

An irish pub decides to deliver your pints to your house…

Hatfield House Irish Pub relies on local service… and makes the buzz!

The pub has caused a sensation, and the idea has gone viral in Northern Ireland but also in the Republic of Ireland: the establishment, based in South Belfast, has decided to transform one of its trucks into a mobile irish pub. He has installed a filler in the back of his truck, a fridge to refrigerate his barrels… And can now serve Irish beer faster than lightning in nomadic mode!

To enjoy a pint, nothing could be simpler: it is necessary for the customer to reserve his beer the day before on the website or at the phone number of the irish pub. The next day, the lorry then drives through the town and deposits the freshly served pint on the customer’s doorstep.

Everything is carried out in the strictest sanitary conditions: barrier gestures are respected, service is contactless, the deliverymen wear latex gloves, the pint is served in a re-sealable plastic glass, and payment is made online. The customer is invited to pick up his pint only after the delivery man has left.

We are delighted to be able to offer all our customers the pleasure of a freshly served pint delivered to their home during this time of confinement. The truck is thoroughly cleaned after each use. Stay safe, stay at home and let us serve you as if you were at the pub… from home…” said Hatfield House.

A fun initiative, which shows how Northern Irish and Irish people can have a lot of ideas when it comes to consuming their favourite drink! One thing is certain: the service has been a resounding success since its launch. It seems to brighten the lives of the people of Belfast by allowing them to keep that special link with the Irish pub, a key social institution in the country!

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