Covid-19: Bad Buzz for Jim Corr who exposes on social networks his anti-mask theories

His conspiracy theories have created a scandal on the web.

The Corrs - Tibor Pallerman - cc
The Corrs - Tibor Pallerman - cc

It was known to be anti-vaccine and subject to conspiracy theories. But until then Jim Corr had been very discreet about his vision of COVID-19. At least until today. He has just sadly illustrated himself on social networks by publishing a photo of his participation in an anti-mask demonstration in Dublin, Ireland. A photo that earned him a real bad buzz, and an altercation with other Irish celebrities… via Twitter.

Jim Corr spreads these conspiracy theories and scandalizes the public opinion

He is lynch mobbed by the pop duo Jeward

It’s a very sad advertisement for the Corrs. The brother of Ireland’s most famous family, Jim Corr, has once again made his own by spreading the word about COVID-19 on social networks and in newspapers. And he doesn’t mince his words. Opposed to the wearing of masks, opposed to vaccines, he did not fail to make known his full opposition to the Irish government . All this by posting a photo of his presence at an anti-mask rally in Dublin.

These positions scandalized many Irish people… but also local celebrities such as the pop duo Jedward, known in the Irish version of the X-Factor show.

The group then took Jim Corr to task on Twitter, strongly contesting his comments.

A message that Jim Corr couldn’t help but respond to. The altercation then took place over several messages: the tone went up, Jim Corr persisting in his comments … and Jeward declaring that Jim “is useless in the group, lost in the middle of his sisters”. A ping-pong of scathing and aggressive phrases, which did not serve the debate at all.

A real bad buzz, which could scratch the Corrs’ notoriety a bit more.

Speaking exclusively to the Irish Sun, Jim Corr made a point of justifying himself a few hours later. For him, the Irish government is trying to control the public with “extreme measures”. He therefore promised to continue to fight against “all forms of tyranny”.

As a reminder, this is not the first time that the Irish artist shares the conspiracy theories in which he believes. Speaking to Brendan O’Connor on RTE’s The Saturday Night Show, he notably rejected the existence of climate change. For him, the climate crisis would not exist.

Jim Corr also believed in the existence of a secret society charged with establishing a single world government. He believes that the U.S. military has a secret tectonic weapon that could have been used to cause the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

One thing is certain: Jim Corr hasn’t finished surprising us…

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