Coronavirus: U2 donates 10 million euros in medical protection equipment

An impetus for solidarity, welcomed by the Irish people
13 April 2020

After Conor McGregor’s €1 million donation, it is U2’s turn to show solidarity. The Irish rock band has this week made a €10 million donation to purchase protective equipment for Ireland’s healthcare workers. A strong act, welcomed by the Irish people and the Irish government.

Donations are multiplying in Ireland to better cope with COVID-19

U2 shows support for his country

All help was welcome… And U2 did not fail to show up. With a donation of 10 million euros, Bono and his gang hope to help Ireland in its hard fight against VID-CoVID-19. This sum should greatly improve the daily lives of Irish healthcare workers, and enable them to fight the epidemic ever harder.

The donated sum should enable the country to be supplied with protective medical equipment, directly produced in China.

This donation is part of a vast operation carried out by Irish companies throughout the country. They hope to mobilise as many donations as possible to bring new equipment from China to Ireland, including masks, gowns, respirators and protective gloves. They hope to be able to provide up to 40 tonnes of equipment to Irish health teams to stop the outbreak. It’s a nice challenge, and the U2 group has been supportive.

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