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Coronavirus: Ryanair plans to operate 40% of its flights from July onwards

Date 12 May 2020
La compagnie low-cost irlandaise espère assurer près de 1000 vols par jour vers 90% des destinations desservies avant la pandémie

It’s a rather daring gamble, but the low-cost flights giant intends to succeed: as early as July, Ryanair hopes to resume its activity and thus restart its flights for the summer. The air carrier thus intends to restart more than 40% of its routes, while setting up a health system extended to its entire fleet to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Ryanair wishes to resume its activity quickly

A project conditioned by the lifting of restrictions on flights within Europe

The objective has been set, but the outcome is still uncertain. Although Ryanair is multiplying plans to operate 40% of its flights by July, this project will depend above all on the evolution of the pandemic in Europe… and the willingness of each country to open its borders to travellers.

Although the future is uncertain, the company with the blue and yellow logo would be in full reflection to ensure hypothetically its future flights in the best possible conditions. It is therefore multiplying its plans to make sure that it is ready on D-Day, and to be able to quickly absorb the colossal losses caused by the pandemic.

For example, Ryanair is currently working on health measures that would be deployed on its aircraft…. Measures designed to counter contagion and reassure users who have to take to the air.

Among the future rules, the company intends to:

  • give preference to online registrations,
  • only passengers who have had their temperature checked in advance at the entrance to the airport will be admitted,
  • make the wearing of masks mandatory outside and inside aircraft,
  • forbidding the queue at the toilet,
  • only accept contactless bank card payments on board,
  • encourage carry-on luggage rather than hold luggage.

Nevertheless, the company has already expressed its views on social distancing measures: these will not be imposed on board their commercial flights. It will be “privileged”, and “encouraged” where possible.

It will therefore be possible to travel without distancing yourself from your neighbour on board. This information is already being debated and suggests that the airline’s flights could possibly fly “at full capacity”, without favouring empty seats between each passenger.

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