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Coronavirus: it may be possible to travel to Ireland from July 20th!

Date 07 June 2020
Ireland changes its lock-out plan

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has announced that Irish pubs in Ireland, originally scheduled to reopen on 10 August, will finally be able to reopen on 20 July. This is excellent news, which marks a relaxation of the government’s deconfinement plan… and suggests a date when the country could reopen its doors to travellers!

Ireland managed to flatten the coronavirus curve

She’s accelerating her decontainment plan

Although the coronavirus is still present in Ireland, it is currently reportedly losing momentum: the number of new cases is falling every day, and the intensive care units are no longer experiencing the tension of the first few days.

Better still, the country has seen days without a single death related to VIDOC-19: encouraging signs, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Irish containment plan and decontainment.

However, Ireland has emerged as one of the most severe countries in the world in terms of health restrictions in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. While most European countries seem to be considering reopening their borders as of 15 June, Ireland seems to be pursuing its planned plan over several months and is playing silent when it comes to boosting tourism.

Nevertheless, the country already seems to be showing some signs of compromise: on Friday, Leo Varadkar announced that the deconfinement plan, which initially consisted of 5 phases, would finally only contain 4.

The 5th phase, which essentially concerned the reopening of irish pubs on 10 August 2020 has been removed, to be brought back to 20 July, the date of phase 4.

The Taoiseach justified this decision by explaining that the coronavirus was close to being controlled in Ireland. In the face of such progress, the Prime Minister considered it unnecessary to maintain the reopening of the irish pubs in August.

What’s planned for July 20

The Irish government is therefore quietly pursuing its deconfinement plan and opting for greater flexibility. Setting the date of 20 July is a major step forward for the country: it means that :

  • all business lines will be able to resume operations on that date
  • that travel will no longer be restricted with a distance limit
  • that public places will once again be able to accept people (including tourist sites)

To put it plainly: the country should reopen 3 weeks earlier than planned. Although the Prime Minister has not communicated on the fact of reviving tourism in Ireland, among European travellers, everything seems to suggest that it will be possible to organize new trips to Ireland on that date.

If the indicators are green at this time, the Emerald Island should therefore be able to reopen its doors to travellers, without imposing any quarantine (which is currently in force).

It would therefore appear that it will be possible to travel to Ireland as early as 20 July. An information to be taken with tweezers, (because unofficial), but which seems to be confirmed with health and tourism experts.

This is excellent news, which should allow Europeans to visit Ireland and enjoy the wild beauty of the country!

The summer might not be lost for everyone!

Still so much to discover!


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