Coronavirus: first day without death in Ireland!

Towards a first victory: the virus is in clear decline in Ireland

A safety mask - Prachatai - cc
A safety mask - Prachatai - cc

Great news for the Irish country: the country’s health chiefs have confirmed that there have been no deaths in Ireland in the last 24 hours. This is the first time that the Emerald Isle has not recorded any deaths in the last 2 months. An encouraging sign that the government’s containment strategy is working!

Covid-19: fewer deaths

Few new cases, and a significant drop in the number of intensive care hospitalisations

Even though Covid-19 is still running, it seems to be getting weaker and weaker. With a total of 24,698 confirmed cases, and less than 59 cases recorded today, the toll still seems to be improving in Ireland.

Indeed, the country is recording fewer and fewer hospital admissions due to the coronavirus. The indicators seem to be positive and fewer and fewer Irish people are infected with the virus.

Medical staff are becoming more and more confident and therefore seem to believe that the virus can be eradicated on the island. However, Irish doctors and virologists are calling for caution, aware that a release of the Irish could cause a possible second wave.

Ce sont les comportements collectifs de chaque individu qui détermineront l’évolution de cette maladie. said Ronan Glynn, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health

As a reminder, the total number of deaths related to VIDOC-19 in Ireland is 1,606.

The slowing of the virus in Ireland can be explained for the time being by the containment measures taken by the Irish government. Many scientific theories also tend to believe that the coronavirus may be a seasonal virus… which could also confirm this marked slowing of the epidemic in Ireland.

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