Chaos at Dublin airport: the army ready to help airport services

Irish army to assist airport during summer to simplify security checks

Dublin Airport to get help from the military - © Alexey Novikov
Dublin Airport to get help from the military - © Alexey Novikov

Dublin airport is struggling: for several weeks, the establishment has been multiplying chaotic scenes, between endless queues, stressed and dissatisfied users … not to mention the considerable number of passengers missing their flights … The cause: the lack of staff, especially at the security checkpoints!
Faced with its inability to completely improve the situation, the Irish army is ready to mobilize and train, to assist the Dublin airport in its distress. A beginning of solution!

Army stands by to assist airport for the duration of the summer

Irish army plans to train to cope with high tourist numbers

It’s the last straw: while the tourist season is picking up strongly in Ireland, Dublin airport is not able to regain its pre-Covid-19 efficiency. Its lack of staff causes important dysfunctions, leading to queues on the sidewalks outside, bottlenecks at the level of security checks, and consequent delays for the planes, as well as many frustrations for the passengers!

Queue interminable à l'aéroport de Dublin - @dog_n_dad - Instagram

Endless tail at Dublin airport – @dog_n_dad – Instagram

To solve the problem, Transport Minister Eamon Ryan sought the help of Defence Minister Simon Coveney. Both have agreed that the Irish Army will be trained and certified to help smooth the airport’s services.

Thus, the army will assist the facility for a minimum of 6 weeks, to effectively cover the summer period.

In addition, a Dublin Airport spokesperson said Monday that the airport is on track to meet its goal of having more than 900 security officers in place by the end of June. Even better: they hope to add another 100 in July.

As a reminder, the airport had laid off 25% of its staff at the height of the pandemic and is now struggling to recruit en masse. Last month, nearly 1,000 passengers missed their flights, causing anger and frustration. Four airlines even complained to the institution, citing the situation as unacceptable.

One thing is certain: the support of the Irish army should bring calm and serenity to summer travelers. What more could you ask for?

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