Working on the farm in Ireland

Working on the farm in Ireland

Why don’t you try an alternative and a little more adventurous holiday mode? For those on a small budget, who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and work, there are options to discover Ireland, while offering work on Irish farms…

Working on the farm in Ireland

A way to visit Ireland, with room and board!

Your bank account is in the red, but you want to travel? Working on a farm can be a rather nice solution! In exchange for a few hours of work, the farm can offer you room and board. An advantage that allows you to spend the rest of your time exploring the country, without spending too much money!

There are many organizations offering this type of work. They usually liaise with your future host/employer. They encourage meetings and exchanges on what each party is looking for …

Another advantage: this way of working is ideal for diving into the heart of Irish daily life! You will make incredible encounters, and will be able to work on your English in contact with your farmer!

Working on the farm in Ireland: what you shouldn't miss

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