Unusual activities in Ireland

For the hotheads who want to live intense and unforgettable moments, know that there are cool and original activities in Ireland! It’s all a question of desire and budget, but one thing is certain: you’re going to live unforgettable moments!

Get ready to experience the unexpected!

It’s time to open up to new activities!

You are sporty, you are not afraid to get dirty and you like new sensations? Why not try your hand at bog-snorkellig? The concept is great: you dress up in a wetsuit, and you go for an incredible race where you move in a… bog!

Another incredible activity? Why not take a helicopter tour to fly over the beautiful Irish landscape? It’s an incredible activity, but still a bit expensive!

For those of you who have thought long and hard about your project, there are some excellent tattoo parlours in Ireland. A nice idea to immortalize your trip there forever! (But be careful not to tattoo yourself on a whim: you can quickly regret it when you don’t think about it).

Unusual activities in Ireland : what you need to know