Travelling by ferry in Ireland

Although air travel is the most common means of transport to Ireland, there is a much cheaper alternative… The ferry service is much cheaper than a conventional flight, and the main advantage is that you can take your own car on board and save a little money on car hire once you get there…

The Ferry: ideal to take your car on site

Where to Take the Ferry? And when?

There are only a few lines connecting France to Ireland, and unfortunately all of them depart from Brittany or Cherbourg. This requires a bit of organisation, especially if you live outside of Brittany . Because let’s not forget: travelling hundreds of kilometres to get to the quay, then taking the ferry takes between one and two days… That’s less time in your holidays to enjoy Ireland! (A ferry crossing takes between 15 and 20 hours for a direct crossing).

All these reasons encourage you to get well organized and consider this option if you are not too far from the region… More specifically, the proposed crossings are spread out irregularly throughout the year… Some lines are even non-existent during certain seasons (this varies from company to company). Don’t hesitate to inquire beforehand to make your reservations: the rarity of the routes makes it a means of transport quickly saturated by demand!

Lines with stopovers in Great Britain

Longer, and less practical, the departure by ferry from Brittany to Great Britain and then Ireland is another alternative that deserves a little more waiting, and a little more energy … The journey involves taking a first link to Great Britain, driving to the point where the lines to Ireland leave, then taking another boat trip to reach your destination.

It should be noted, however, that the regularity and the number of routes offered is greater than for direct journeys from France…

Travelling by ferry in Ireland : what you need to know