Travelling by car in Ireland

If the bus doesn’t seem very practical, and you are a true aficionado of independence, we advise you to rent a car to explore the most beautiful roads in Ireland as you please. Independence and freedom guaranteed! To avoid surprises, here is a little overview of what you need to know to drive a car in Ireland.

Travelling with a car in Ireland

Left-hand drive and conditions

Freedom, autonomy, independence, and no time constraints! These are the many advantages when travelling with a vehicle in Ireland! Whether you own the car, or have used a rental company, you will still need to meet a few conditions:

  • to have a driving licence
  • adapt to left-hand drive
  • obey the traffic regulations in force

Generally speaking, Irish people are rather courteous and friendly behind the wheel! They are even rather understanding with tourists who are not used to driving on the other side. Whatever happens, you will feel a real sense of freedom!

Travelling by car in Ireland : what you need to know