The Irish climate

We might as well warn you right away: Ireland is not a destination where you can gild the pill under a blazing sun. The weather in Ireland is rather capricious depending on the period of your stay. Its oceanic and temperate climate makes it above all a country with a humid, often rainy and changeable climate. From the insignificant little drizzle to the heavy rain, the Irish climate is a veritable anthology of climatic phenomena. Also, you will be able to admire pleasant moments of sunshine with fabulous rainbows (very frequent in Ireland), thick fogs, as well as fabulous waterspouts that deeply impregnate the Irish land. Don’t forget your umbrella – you’ll need it soon!

Weather in Ireland

The 4 seasons in one day!

Ireland wouldn’t be Ireland without its uncertain climate . Sunshine, cloud cover, rain, thunderstorms, hail, snow… Don’t forget, the country depends on a rather mild oceanic climate but with a changing character! This is what makes Ireland so green, with its lush nature!

Hence the interest for any traveller to prepare himself well, and to choose carefully the dates of his stay in Ireland! Avoid rainy periods and prefer the safer seasons, such as spring and summer! It will certainly rain, but you’ll have a better chance of experiencing some nice hot spells!

Note that the Irish climate has a great advantage: it can literally transform the landscape. The colours change, the atmosphere is beautiful and fragile… In short: Ireland becomes more beautiful with the rhythm of the sky, the seasons, the sun and the rain. A great weather for lovers of wild nature, authenticity and rare moments!

The Irish climate : what you need to know