Hire a car in Ireland

If you are not very “public transport”, renting a car is the ideal solution for your stay… Not only does it allow you to discover Ireland as you wish, but it also allows you to come and go in all simplicity, without having to comply with restrictive schedules (well known in the bus industry). Here is an overview of your possibilities, and the modalities to know before you start…

Car rental in Ireland

Live your trip in total freedom!

Renting a car in Ireland is a real guarantee of autonomy: it is the advantage of living your stay at your convenience, at your own pace, without pressure or constraint! It’s an opportunity to travel the Irish roads as you wish, to explore the smallest road and above all: to take the time to discover!

Big advantage: many car rental agencies allow you to pick up your vehicle at the airport and return it elsewhere, in another city or at another airport in the country! The way to organize a real Irish road trip, and to make you happy!

Our Rental Cars comparator checks all the agencies in real time to provide you with the most accurate quote! Don’t hesitate to ask regularly, keeping in mind that the more you do it in advance, the less you will pay!

All you have to do now is to get a map or a GPS and try driving on the left side of the road (easier than you think: it only takes 20 minutes to get used to it).

Conditions to rent a vehicle :

Car rental companies all require non-negotiable conditions when it comes to renting a car… Among them, it is imperative :

  • to have held a driver’s license for 2 years
  • be over 25 and under 75 years of age

All these conditions must be proven by official documents, such as a driver’s license, passport or identity card, otherwise you will not be allowed to collect a rental car.

The rental prices…

Rates vary from one company to another, and are often expensive. We advise you to ask for some quotes before making your choice…

Rental rates generally include the following elements:

  • the type of vehicle desired
  • the mileage (limited or unlimited)
  • the insurance (civil liability, third party, theft, fire…)
  • a deposit check (returned at the end of the rental)

Among its elements, we advise you to subscribe to an additional insurance: this one can be more than 300€, but it protects you in case of accident, and exonerates you from any repair costs… This option can be interesting, especially if you are not used to Irish roads (where we drive on the left). And as the saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure!

On the practical side, you should know that gasoline implies an important budget… First of all because it is about the same price as in France (so quite expensive), but also because the roads you might take will make you consume a bit more… (Some country roads are a bit rough, and will make you alternate slowing down, accelerating, and regularly changing gear with the gearbox…). Be careful when you reach the reserve: gas stations are rare on remote roads…

Most car rental companies are based at the airport. This allows you to pick up your car keys within minutes of setting foot on Irish soil. It’s the perfect way to get your trip off to a great start!

If you want to book with a major company, you should know that it is possible to return your car at any of the locations bearing the name of the company… For example, you can pick up a car at Dublin airport, live your stay, then return the car at another airport. (Check with the company to make sure this is possible).

Booking your car in Ireland has never been easier!

Search, compare… and book!

Do you want to be independent and free? Renting a car in Ireland is the best solution to experience an unusual trip, far from the constraints and requirements of bus, train and other public transport schedules. Our partner, RentalCars accompanies you throughout your process to enable you to rent a vehicle in Ireland.

Choose the place of collection, the place of return and your dates… and it’s done! RentalCars checks with the biggest car rental companies in the world to offer you the best car rental price!

Hire a car in Ireland : what you need to know