Hiking in Ireland

For good walkers and hikers, Ireland is one of the best places to explore the surrounding area on foot. There are countless marked routes and trails that will give you a glimpse of Ireland in all its beauty: from majestic mountainous landscapes to coastal panoramas, not forgetting the miles of red heathland! Wild nature and tranquillity will be there to allow you to appreciate all the beauty of the island. All you have to do is get good shoes and go for a walk!

Where to organize your hikes in Ireland?

Wild spaces especially fitted out for hikes:

Impossible to make a mistake: there are many hiking circuits in Ireland, and it is possible to drag your shoes everywhere! Every county, town and national park warmly recommends a series of nearby tours so that you can choose a location that suits you best.

Each county has its own specificities, so you will have the choice of hiking in different wilderness areas. You will have the choice between forest walks, mountain walks, walks in moors and peat bogs…etc.

For lovers of colourful landscapes, we recommend you to explore the various Irish national parks. Each one offers you a wilderness environment that you will enjoy discovering at your own pace. Most of them have a mountain range, as well as a few lakes and valleys that will delight your feet!

Hiking in Ireland : what you need to know