Fishing in Ireland

Known the world over for its prolific waters and the quality and diversity of its fish, Ireland offers you a gigantic playground where you can cast your line in the country’s deep waters as you please! Add to this fabulous natural settings, the possibility of fishing in all seasons, and you will then have the joy of tasting the happiness of fishing in Ireland, in complete tranquility!

What if you go fishing on the green Erin?

Enjoy the great outdoors with a fishing holiday in Ireland!

Ireland is an island with innumerable lakes and rivers, very appreciated for their fish, and for their unspoilt surroundings. The fishing grounds are often not very crowded, to the great joy of the fisherman. So don’t be surprised if you don’t come across anyone on your way: Ireland is a vast country, and the diversity of the country’s lakes and rivers will provide you with a quiet and peaceful fishing ground. A true paradise for anyone who likes to fish in the peace and quiet to recharge their batteries!

If you are looking for a fishing trip in Ireland, you should know that the regulations require the purchase of permits on the spot. In terms of level and expertise, Irish waters can be suitable for fishermen of all skill levels. All you have to do is to have the right equipment, to respect the legislation in force in Ireland… and get on board! It’s easy to get caught up in the game, and both novices and experts alike will soon enjoy some unforgettable moments.

Among the most caught fish, in these places, you will be able to find species as diverse as varied, from the modest carp to the enormous pike, object of envy of the most expert fishermen (its size and its weight are sometimes quite simply hallucinating). Beyond the 2 species mentioned, it will be possible for you to fish trout, salmon, tench, roach…etc…. It’s all a matter of patience and know-how!

Finally, sea fishing is also very pleasant! Don’t hesitate to contact local clubs, which will offer you attractive day packages!

Fishing in Ireland : what you need to know