Cycling in Ireland

Why don’t you go cycling in Ireland this year? This is the ideal activity to enjoy the Irish wilderness, while breathing healthy and invigorating air! Ideal for keeping in shape, strengthening your calves, surpassing yourself and doing yourself good, cycling is a major asset for a small and authentic Irish tourist circuit! Because the island has countless circuits adapted to different levels. The opportunity to live a unique experience, while reconnecting with nature!

One of the most beautiful cycling destinations in Europe!

Miles of circuits are just waiting for you!

Whether you’re into mountain biking or cycling, the possibilities are endless in Ireland. There are many cycling routes in the country, which will take you to the most touristy points in Ireland.

Whether you prefer the great Irish wilderness, or whether you prefer to ride through the cities… anything is possible! There are many “greenways”, where only bicycles are allowed, which will allow you to reach the most beautiful tourist sites in the area with the strength of your feet.

Above all, take your time for each circuit. Ireland is interesting only if you take the time to live, as you wish. So no pressure: choose the tour that suits you and hop! All you have to do is get on your horse!

Think about renting a bike in Ireland!

A practical solution with associated services

If you don’t want to take your bike with you (an option that is possible by ferry, or in the hold of a plane), then we advise you to rent a bike on site.

There are many establishments in Ireland that offer bike hire. But that’s not all: many even offer fully guided tours. They’ll provide you with the bike, take your luggage for you from stage to stage, book your accommodation, and even give you tips on how to get around the local sights.

Convenient if you want to ride the Irish roads, while being accompanied!

Cycling in Ireland : what you need to know