Bed and breakfast in Ireland

A solution just as widespread as hotels is to stay in a private home. This formula is known as “Bed and Breakfast”, and gives you the advantage of being in contact with the Irish, to taste their warm welcome, and to discover Irish home-made gastronomy. A rather attractive formula, less expensive than the hotel, which will allow you to experience Irish conviviality!

The B&B in Ireland: to be in contact with the Irish people

The Concept of the B&B Service

The concept of a B&B is simple: as its translation means, a B&B gives you the right to bed and breakfast. (In other words, one night’s accommodation and one breakfast.) These B&Bs are usually run by individuals who have received special accreditation to become a B&B. They will therefore receive you in a professional manner and will make sure that you are comfortably accommodated.

However, don’t expect the impersonal welcome of a hotel: in a B&B, the emphasis is on conviviality and naturalness. There: few formalities: a warm welcome comes first!

These aspects are real assets, and will transform your stay into a most enriching cultural experience. You will have the opportunity to exchange with your hosts, while immersing yourself in Irish daily life. Let’s not forget that the “Irish Breakfast” is most often served at your hosts’ table, which brings a most authentic conviviality!

Average cost of a B&B and Reservation

Generally speaking, a bed and breakfast is more reasonable than a hotel. Count between 30 and 50 € per person to find a good B&B.!

Of course, this cost covers the overnight stay, as well as a homemade Irish Breakfast. A delight!

Another advantage: they are available everywhere. Whether in the city, in the countryside, or in sparsely populated villages, it is extremely rare not to come across a B&B in Ireland. This will give you a wider choice of accommodation, so that you can choose the formula that best suits your budget and the region you wish to visit.

When making a reservation, we advise you and the hotel to make sure you book in advance, especially during peak seasons such as spring or summer. This will make your trip more comfortable and will allow you to enjoy your stay in complete peace and quiet. There are many sites listing B&Bs by region, which you can then contact by email to find out their availability and rates.

It is however possible to book at the last minute, by showing up at the B&B unexpectedly to find out if it is possible to be accommodated for one night… It is however rarer, but feasible…

Bed and breakfast in Ireland : what you need to know