Activities in Ireland

Ireland is a country where there is a lot of activity and where boredom is naturally out of the question! From golf, fishing, water sports and hiking (not to mention the countless festivals and other places to visit), your holiday will be one of sport, relaxation and idleness. Dive into the heart of the Irish soul through unforgettable sporting and cultural activities! So hurry up and discover the different activities in Ireland!

Ireland, looking for sport in search of strong emotions

Activities for every profile!

You love nature and can’t hold still? No risk of getting bored here: there’s always plenty to do in Ireland! Walking, trekking, cycling, climbing, caving, fishing, diving, canyoning, horse racing, horse riding… You will have a whole range of possibilities!

Think about leaving well equipped before embarking on these expeditions: windcheater, backpack, shoes, swimsuit… Always plan wide, and never go alone!

Activities in Ireland : what you need to know