Accomodation in Ireland

In Ireland, housing solutions are rather diversified, and adapt to all budgets! Whether you are more hotel, B&B, youth hostel or camping, you will have a whole range of choices to find the accommodation that suits you!
Choose your accommodation in Ireland
A question of budget

Let’s keep it simple: in Ireland there are different types of accommodation:

  • Camping,
  • the RV,
  • the youth hostel,
  • the B&B,
  • the hotel,
  • renting cottages or apartments,
  • home exchange,
  • or couch surfing.

Each one has its specificities, advantages and disadvantages. If you like the “roots” and “independent” atmosphere, then camping or a youth hostel are ideal solutions. Inexpensive, they don’t provide optimal comfort, but play on the community spirit, and group life. The atmosphere is often friendly, and the strategic locations (near city centres or in beautiful wilderness areas). Count between 10 and 20€ per night depending on the establishments.

If you wish to opt for a little more comfort, but still keep in touch with the locals, you have the choice with the B&B (or Bed and Breakfast), a type of accommodation where you stay directly with Irish people who have converted their house into a bed and breakfast. The program includes an overnight stay and a Full Irish Breakfast every morning… A really great way to get in touch with the people and to discover the reputation of Irish hospitality! Count between 30 and 90€ per night per person.

Finally, if your budget allows it, you can choose between the hotel or the renting of a cottage… Here the prices vary from simple to double, but assure you a maximum independence. No need to report, or to respect schedules: you are free, and have the keys to your room or cottage!

It’s all a question of budget, but also of state of mind. It’s up to you to define the type of accommodation you want according to your budget, but also to your desires! It is important to treat yourself!

Accomodation in Ireland : what you need to know