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What to expect?

If you want to get away from the usual accommodation, there is the Irish Cottage solution, which allows you to have a charming Irish house with picturesque charm, without having to depend on the hotel or the schedules of a Bed and Breakfast. There is total freedom, and you will be able to live your holidays in complete autonomy… provided of course that you have a solid budget!

Principle of the Cottage

Charming accommodation for total independence!

Inland cottage or oceanfront cottage? If the choice is difficult, you might as well admit that it makes you dream! The Irish cottage, simply allows you to dive into the heart of Irish daily life by living in a traditional and cosy house as you wish!

First of all, this guarantees you a perfect autonomy in your holidays. You live at your own pace, cook at home, and can thus enjoy the daily life in a real Ireland. You are thus totally immersed in the Irish universe, and can discover at your leisure all the charm of Ireland’s landscapes.

Price of a cottage rental in Ireland

Much more expensive than other accommodation solutions, the solution of renting a cottage in Ireland is unfortunately not for small budgets. Plan on between 500 and 1000€ of rental fees for a week or so, depending on the period and the place where you are.

The tariff includes of course the supply of sheets, crockery, and household appliances. However, in addition to this rental, there is a tacit agreement, which asks you to maintain the cottage as if it were your own home. A meagre effort, for maximum comfort!

Also note that this type of rental requires you to do your own shopping and eat your meals…