Tales and legends in Ireland

Tales and legends in Ireland

Ireland has always had a great fascination with heroic tales and epic legends! These stories are able to amaze adults and children alike, using all kinds of tricks! For one thing is certain: Irish legends are far from being down-to-earth! These stories are full of fantastic tales, where it can be a question of magic, witchcraft, strange creatures… Fairies, dragons, evil spirits, wizards… Everything is good for dreaming!

Irish Tales

Often dramatic stories!

In Ireland, tales and legends are often stories that end badly… This is a characteristic of Irish romanticism: even today, most pretty songs end in death or loneliness…
Admittedly, the morals are a little dark, but they are the authenticity and charm of Irish legends!

The proof is in the legend of Tristan and Isolde, which tells the story of an impossible and tragic love… Although very dark, the reader is asking for more!

Tales and legends in Ireland : ce qu'il ne faut pas rater

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