Middle Ages in Ireland

Middle Ages in Ireland

Discover Middle Ages in Ireland

Want to discover Ireland’s historical heritage? It’s impossible to get to know it without going through the Irish Middle Ages! It must be said that it is this period that has shaped the current face of modern Ireland!

A pivotal period, immensely rich!

Between Christianity and the wars of power…

The Middle Ages in Ireland were the scene of countless historical episodes of great importance! Starting with the Christianisation of the island by Saint Patrick, the Viking invasions, then the Channel Islands… not forgetting the warlike confrontations that this provoked!

The Irish often suffered during this period, undergoing numerous assaults and sieges by conquering peoples such as the Vikings or the English…

Nevertheless, the Irish Middle Ages is not only that. It also saw the rise of beautiful abbeys and magnificent castles, which have survived to the present day!

Middle Ages in Ireland : what not to miss