Irish Writers

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Did you know that? Irish literature includes some of the greatest works from around the world. Ireland has been home to some of the greatest names in literature, celebrated the world over for their talent, and their universal works… both past and present.

Ireland and its writers

A literary heritage recognized throughout the world

They include Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett… Irish writers who have made their mark on literature.

They have been able to pay tribute to Ireland, their country or their region. Like James Joyce with Dublin, or William Butler Yeats with County Sligo, who found their inspiration in the authenticity of the Irish country, its nature and culture.

Ireland is still particularly proud to have such a heritage. As long as the country regularly devotes museums and exhibitions (temporary and permanent) to Irish writers, tracing their lives, work and talent.

They are also taught in Ireland’s major universities, where their texts are analysed, dissected, savoured and glorified in all their beauty.

Irish Writers : what not to miss