Irish Sports

Discover Irish Sports

Sport in Ireland is more than an institution: it is a sacred activity, practiced since the dawn of time in the name of Gaelic tradition! Among the most famous national sports are Hurling, Gaelic Football and Rugby, where Ireland excels at a high level! The GAA (Gaelic Sports League), enthusiastically controls it all, in the name of the beauty of the Sport, and the traditions!

Sports in Ireland

Fun through fair play and adrenalin-rich sports!

It can sometimes be disconcerting to discover some Irish sports. These are sometimes complex to understand, and are a mixture of other existing sports, often more well-known. For example, you can easily find out that Hurling is a Sport close to hockey and baseball… Gaelic football, on the other hand, is a kind of fusion between classical football and rugby…

In short, it’s not easy to find your way around, not to mention the rules that vary easily from one Sport to another!

Nevertheless, the Irish are particularly attached to their sports. They symbolize Irish culture and history!

Irish Sports : what not to miss