Irish mythological characters

Irish mythological characters

Discover Irish mythological characters

Gods, goddesses, kings, queens, merciless warriors… Irish mythology is teeming with heroic characters with breathtaking adventures! Some characters have even become true emblematic figures of Irish folklore!

Irish mythological characters

Tormented figures with sometimes tragic destinies!

Irish mythological texts are sometimes fearsome of modernity! Some of them are still taught in schools in Ireland and make children dream by their lyrical character!

Thus, it is easy to marvel at the adventures of Finn McCool or the great Cuchulainn! They are a bit like the super heroes of the time!

Some figures are also detestable, such as the character of Queen Medb, whose adventures are transcribed in the text of the “Razzia of the Cooley Vaches”. She then engages in a fight against the hero Cuchulainn… On the program, fights, stratagems and manipulations!

Irish mythological characters : what not to miss