Irish music

Irish music

Ireland is one of the countries strongly attached to its musical heritage. That’s why music is everywhere: in the streets (with the “buskers”, street musicians who decide to sing along in exchange for a few coins), in the irish pubs (where bands play the greatest standards of traditional Irish music), or in concert halls, on the radio…etc. For the population: living without music is unthinkable!

Music in Ireland

An art of living, omnipresent in the daily life of the Irish people.

A Fiddle - puamelia - cc

A Fiddle – puamelia – cc

When traveling in Ireland, it is impossible not to attend a small music session in an irish pub! It is part of the foklore, and one of the great must-do’s to live at least once in your life.

Because Irish traditional music has a unique identity: its sounds, its instruments, its rhythms… all are evocative of the island of Ireland and offer a guaranteed change of scenery!

Usually, the tradys pieces use typical Irish instruments:

  • the bodhàn: a goatskin percussion instrument.
  • the uillean pipe: a typical bagpipe, which inflates at the arm and not at the mouth.
  • the Irish bouzouki: a guitar with a very particular sound,
  • the fiddle: a typical violin
  • the tin whistle: a small piercing and charming flute.

Their assembled playing, offers melodies of great intensity. Each song is an invitation to humor, poetry or celebration. The many irish pubs that literally burst into flames in the evening after a few jigs! Everyone laughs, sings and dances: you don’t have to be Irish to join the party. Irish music speaks to all hearts and souls!

Traditional artists… as well as more modern ones

The Cranberries

The Cranberries

But beware: don’t be mistaken in thinking that Irish music is all about the traditional. Certainly, the country has great artists such as the Chieftains, Altan, The Pogues, Planxty Molly and many others…

But Ireland also has its clique of more modern artists: musicians and singers who have managed to diversify into pop or rock. Among them, some have become international icons. Legendary figures like U2, Rory Gallagher, the Cranberries, the Corrs, Enya, Kodaline… and many others!

So, while some are far from being part of traditional Irish music, others have managed to merge musical heritage and new currents. The result is innovative melodies that have touched the hearts of millions of people.

Irish music : what you shouldn't miss

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